Innovative products
Zhong De Securities (“ZDS”) is committed to the research and promotion of innovative investment banking services to address the sophisticated financing needs of clients. In the past few years, ZDS achieved breakthroughs in metrics including innovative follow-on financing and exchangeable bonds, such as property financing, management shareholding. It was highly recognized by its clients by assisting them in solving practical problems, and earned excellent market reputation.

In 2014, ZDS completed exclusive underwriting of SME exchangeable private placement bond (2014) for Haining Municipal Assets Operation Company, China’s first exchangeable private placement bond issued by a SOE. ZDS accomplished thereafter the issuance of Kasen Group’s exchangeable private placement bond (Round 1), making ZDS as China’s only investment bank having track records of both SOE and private companies’ for such bonds.

In 2014, ZDS completed exclusive underwriting and sponsoring of Chengzhi Shareholding CNY626 mn private placement. The deal made the first case in China in which management and key staffs of a listco acquired employee stocks through private placement. It was also the first deal in which an asset management plan participated in the listco private placement as strategic investor.

In 2014, ZDS completed exclusive underwriting and sponsoring of Tianjin Tianbao Infrastructure CNY1.412 bn private placement. The deal was the first property company follow-on financing approved by the CSRC and was closed with success thereafter, breaking ice in 4 years since China’s suspension of property sector financing.

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