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Shanxi Yongdong Chemistry Industry Co., Ltd. IPO was accomplished successfully

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Zhong De Securities has accomplished the issuance subscription for Shanxi Yongdong Chemistry Industry Co., Ltd. (“Yongdong” or “the Company”) initial public offering as sole sponsor and lead manager on May 7th 2015. The stocks will be listed for trading on SZSE on May,19th.

Shanxi Yongdong Chemistry Industry Co.,Ltd. is a new and high technology enterprises focused on the R&D and application of coal tar resource ,and is committed to providing R&D and manufacture of high-quality carbon black and fine processing coal tar product, through the organic combination of coal tar  production and tail gas generating electricity generation to form a sustainable recyclable industry pattern.

Shanxi Yongdong Chemistry Industry Co.,Ltd. officially filed for IPO at the CSRC in January 2012, and underwent however fairly long review process due to the suspension of IPO market and Financial special verification by the CSRC. During these years hand-in-hand with Yongdong Chemistry, as the sole sponsor and lead manager, ZhongDe Securities took thorough diligence to fulfill all sponsor inspection requirements, provided high quality and effective service and accompany the growth of the company. Yongdong Chemistry IPO deal which earned a good reputation for ZDS in Shanxi’s capital market, is Zhong De Securities’ another IPO underwriting deal of Shanxi province after the IPO of Shanxi Tongde Chemical Co.,Ltd.

The Company issued 24.7 million shares and raised CNY330 million. Altogether 166 off-line investors participated book-building, and the final offer price was pegged to CNY13.56 per share, corresponding to 22.99x PE. 2.47 million shares was issued offline which is 10% of the total number; 22.23 million shares was issued online which is 90% of the total number.

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