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Tanac Automation Co., Ltd. IPO was accomplished successfully

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Tanac Automation Co., Limited (“the Issuer”, “Tanac”) stock IPO and listing on the GEM Board, in which ZDS was engaged as the sponsor and lead manager, was closed successfully on May 11 2015. Its stock was listed on the GEM Board on May 19. The stock ticker is “TZJJ” and ticker code 300461. The issue price is RMB 7.92 per share and the total financing is RMB 132.11 million.

Tanac is the first foreign-controlled company listed on A-stock GEM Board. ZDS followed the regulatory dynamics accurately, pushed the IPO process timely, formed good company image and expanded the broad market of foreign invested enterprise.

Tanac is suppler to the basic electronic elements producers and their downstream vendors, providing digital-control automated equipment sets and the relevant parts and components that are needed in the electronic coil production. Its clients are international big names in consumer electronics, automobile electronics, and other related sectors. The Company provides integrated solutions encompassing digital-control automated production facilities, whose ideology highly coincides with the tide “Intelligent Production – Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”.

The deal passed the CSRC review in March 26, 2015, received unconditional approval from issuance review panel on April 3, acquired issuance paper on April 23, and was listed on May 19. The prompt execution of the project team was highly recognized by the Issuer. Tanac’s IPO was highly received by the market, which evidenced 0.06% offline allotment after plow-back, the second lowest so far in the year. The online success rate was 0.12%, the lowest since this year.

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